Backup process with BlogVault for WordPress

As Themeforest Elite Authors and website owners ourselves you can imagine how important our data and files are to us. That is why we wanted to give our Little Neko WordPress community a « little » 😉 feedback on how we handle this process.

So here at Little Neko we have chosen BlogVault ( for how easy it is to use and its robustness when it comes to keeping your data safe.

Why BlogVault?

Once installed and properly configured (we’ll come to that in a minute) BlogVault offers a huge panel of customization to create and restore your backups.

The benefit of a real online backup service

It crucial to understand that BlogVault is a backup service and not just a plugin…
This means that your data and files are securely kept on their system as well as any other destination you choose ( Dropbox for instance ). So it is virtually impossible to really lose your data ( feeling safer already? ! 😉 ).

Automated backup process

Another great feature is that every automatic backup process can be set a specific time. So that it will not impact your server performances during the time you really need it up and running. On top of all that your backups are incremental which means that once the first backup is done every other backup will only add the changes you made that day. This minimizes the load on your site and only requires the smallest amount of storage space possible. The cherry on top is that BlogVault comes with a 30 day backup history.

Smart & easy restore process

BlogVault is loaded with a lot of options to restore your data and files. You have the possibility of “auto-restoring” your data directly from their server to yours (through FTP protocol) or download a complete zip for manual install. You can also migrate your site entirely to a new server. Finally but as important you can test your restore on another installation to make sure that everything is fine before restoring your production site.

How to backup your data with BlogVault

As mentioned above I will now show you a quick step by step installation and the configuration process.

1. Create your account

Once on this screen simply fill out all the required information and click on Register


2. Billing

Choose your plan from the following

  • Basic → $89 /year
  • Plus → $189 /year
  • Pro → $389 /year
  • Developer → $989 /year

Then enter your billing information


3. Install the plugin in WordPress.

Here you’ll have 2 solutions. You can auto-install it from the BlogVault website directly or download it for manual install. We’ll advise you the 2nd method if you have any custom WordPress configuration regarding the admin area (such as an hidden wp-admin uri).


4. Configuration and usage

Below is view of the BlogVault Dashboard


In this screen you’ll find everything you need to use and configure your backup process.

    • The left column is your personal account box where you can upgrade your plan and check the storage space left on your account.
    • The central column is a list of all your websites that are connected to the backup service.
    • The right column is where you’ll access restore capabilities and advanced options.

The first thing that will happen after the install is a complete backup of your site. Once this is done you can easily customize what BlogVault is backing up in terms of database tables, folders and files.




To conclude surely you’ve got it by now BlogVault is a very complete backup service for any WordPress installation. Moreover it will scale up alongside your projects’ growth. With such a clean, efficient and secure backup service, you’ll be sure that your site and data will be kept safe and accessible for fast restore when you’ll need it !
Click here to get started with BlogVault.

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