Finally, a new website for Little Neko

After a couple of months of planning, we’re thrilled to finally announce the launch of our new website! The new site has been crafted to be faster than ever, easier to navigate and more user friendly. It has been crafted to reflect current web designing standards, but also builds upon technology capable of addressing future needs. Our new website is prettier, cleaner, more secure and faster.

20 creative website design with inspiring layouts

In this post, we gathered a collection of some of the best website design that inspired us last month. From breathtaking layouts to catchy animations, each one of them has a unique touch, and a story to tell.

Check out these creative examples of design portfolios, corporate or product presentations! Let us know which one is your favorite! Enjoy!

20 inspiring agency websites design

As web designer and developer, we explore the web for creative and well crafted websites on a daily basis.
Today, we put together a list of some of the most amazing agency websites from 20 talented companies, for inspirational purposes.

Edena WordPress theme is live!

Last year we launched Edena , and it quickly became one of our most popular (and best rated) HTML template. Due to popular demand, we started the work on WordPress conversion a few month ago. Today, our new multipurpose WordPress theme is released!

Happy New Year!

Happy new year everyone! Thanks to our wonderful users, our friends and family for their love and support. 2015 was amazing, Let’s make 2016 even better together!

The Little Neko team

FREEBIE: Edena website template

Today’s freebie is the home page psd file of our latest Edena HTML website template. Edena is fresh and trendy, the ideal tool to showcase your project, your business or your portfolio.